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Celia - The Tender Tree by kolaboy Celia - The Tender Tree by kolaboy
Acrylic on canvas 24/36 inches .
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virtue112 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Your work..its natural magic mushroom,thank you
LloydG Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2006
So that's why they call it a murder of crows... :disbelief:
valkea Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2005
I guess I'm gonna fav this out of all your brilliant stuff, since it's such a cunning color scheme.
J4n3T Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
An innocent Child....
innocent Lambs....
innocent tricks....
innocent vanity.......
our world need Celia .....
need kolaboy

God Bless:pray:
eliq Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2003
I think that in this piece you embrace the fearless and free spirited nature of a child. She is not concerned with mites or bites or claw marks... only the beautiful moment where she gets to intimately interact with this bird. You are so gifted in the deliverance of your messages. Not knowing you is strange because I wonder if you are even aware of exactly what you are saying with these images or if it is just that you are a divine artistic translator. That is in no way supposed to be insulting... It is possible that these paintings just fly out of your hands without a whole lot of thought. Look at Mozart.
fabianv Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2003
killthewaitress Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2002
I reallly like this piece. it really grabbed my attention. I must say, You have a beautiful gallery.
eluzion Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2002
i love the clash here...the innocence of a child...the tongue grabbed by a bird who is usually there to create and initiate song and is startling, really...i then was pulled into the sideways sky..the blue background with a blocked rainbow...i feel like this is me, when waking up from a nightmare....the lark grabs the tongue that forms the words, and i am lost in a blue world of descending rainbows...yes, i know this place as well.

again, i am amazed.
kidd Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2002
That face! :) (Smile) I would love to see this one on something other than a gradien-like color background. The image has so much emotion and content, and then the colors in the background... you're the art genius, though, I'm sure you did it for a reason. ;) (Wink)

Nice emotion in her face, as always. And Ouch.

A bird landed on my cousin's head once and then hopped off, but it startled her... I can't imagine what it would have done if it had landed on her tongue. :) (Smile)
jade Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2002
Wow! Really nice detail... I like the balance of detail and negative space... helps really draw your eye to the details and makes you look even closer... Great job!
salernopasta Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2002   Photographer
Wow, awesome way of using such simple imagery to get across some sort of message. I really like how the spatters of paint on her face go with the whole rainbow thing, and it shows how even dark creatures like crows (I'm assuming the crow is feeding her) can bring light/good into the world.
maura Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2002
Ah, that looks painful. This is a nice change of pace for now. I like the simplicity, it's so much easier to focus on, and in this case, more direct. Weeee
cattaca Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2002
You're my hero (insert nerdy snort here). Seriously, I can only pray to someday have a quarter of the skill you have with acrylic. Note to all who are reading this: LOOK AT THE BIG VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the reflection of the rainbow on the left on the girl's face, my tongue hurts just looking at her perfectly detailed tongue, and the hair... you are so damn good at painting/drawing/sketching hair. Even as I am writing this I can't stop scrolling up to look at the painting again and again and again... Do you sell any of your stuff maybe in print form?
kelyf Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2002
Ouch i bet that hurts, hope she's ok though. And those birds are so realistically drawn. :) (Smile)
turpentine Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2002
In spain there is saying that says something like "Bring up crows and they will pick your eyes out"

(bad transelation)

it would be a good title for the painting xP
munieco Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2002  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing as all your stuff
ultramaniac Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2002
uuh, it looks that it hurts. i cannot get the symbolism in your paintings. but that's not bad.
mugwumperx Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
the bands of color remind me of robert williams and the way he ties together his insane compositions. they work even better in a less crowded picture such as this.

The imagery reminds me of the Book of Revelation where the birds are eating the dead bodies of the kings of the earth. That book's a fun read :D (Big Grin)
thppt Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
nice. I love the way these birds treat cilia. I also enjoy the lack of comments.. Its alot more fun to soak in what your mind allows.
openthegate Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
this is really pretty not to mention disturbing. thanks for inducing bird-ridden nightmares in my sleep! Laughing my ass off! hehe just kidding. although the birds terrified me...
i think that your lack of comments on your art is a good thing - it lets us make up our own minds (obviously), lets you glean knowledge about what others think is the meaning behind it all, and you don't have to type so much. all i'm saying is, you are supremely (almost beatnik-like !!!) cool the way you are, son't let anyone convince you to change a damn thing.

damn. what a nice painting :D (Big Grin)
lonelyplanetgirl Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
I like how simple this is. The background reminds me of and old vaccuum cleaner we had years and years ago. It had a little circle on it with similar colors. I had totally forgotten about it. She looks so happy, but she'd better watch out. Having an open mouth around birds. :O (Eek) Hehe, yuck.
hebblahebbla Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
I really like this one too. :) (Smile)
It's very original and expressive.
I esp. like the colours used in the background, and the composition is very interresting.
Great painting! :) (Smile)
visioluxus Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
Even your simplest images are throbbing with symbolism. At first this seems almost romantic until one observes what exactly is happening. Then the image becomes more twisted
peachymanaangel Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002  Professional Artisan Crafter
i love your paintings and the colors are beatiful !!!
smartmonkeee Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
the birds are stealing poor celia's ability to speak.... why would they do that? are they teaching her a lesson? in a way the rainbow's bright cheerful colors are ominous rather than happy, considering what i am seeing here....

this reminds me of the scene where the school children are running from the ravens in the movie The Birds. that scene totally freaked me out as a child.
bolgarthedestroyer Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
yes, indeed. this is really really really good. i also like the contrast between the happy go lucky rainbow in the back, and the birds pulling the tongue outta the girl (at least thats what i see goin on). I wish i knew what your intention was with it, but, i also like how its open to interpretation. if it werent for the bird on her face, i'd think she was laughing.
yiggs Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
Great stuff, man. The birds look so emotionless, while the kid is the exact opposite. The colors work great too.
mjar81 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
wow! i like this alot... it reminds me of something, i just can't place it... anyways... i love the stark contrast between the colors of th rainbow and the birds we usually equate as being scavengers.

fatelessmirror Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002

Your work is getting less complex with the advent of your 'surge' in popularity. *wink wink*

Anyway the main reason I like you work is that I can take so many things out of it, like I have stated before. (duh me) That is why I write like you paint, strange, you may not agree, but the evidence cannot be excluded my dear.

Maybe Hitchcock really was gay...

xxsqueekbatxx Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
The colors of paint splattered on her face are a very nice touch- it would be really interesting if you added something to your descriptions on what your art means to you- I see so much intricate symbolism that I never really can guess at... I really think one of the most amazing things about art like yours is that there's so much behind it. :) (Smile) I adore your art.
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